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(combines behaviors, values/motives/passions, and personal interaction styles)
The TriMetrix™EQ report uses a series of three assessment tools to determine if the job candidate fits the needs of a position. The three assessment tools included in the TriMetrix are the DISC, the Workplace Motivators™, and the Personal Talents Skills Inventory™ (PTSI). As can be seen above the DISC examines behaviors, the Workplace Motivators™ examines values/motives/work-related passions and the PTSI looks at 23 interpersonal factors to determine what interpersonal skills the person will focus on and actually perform.
Different jobs require different abilities and the TriMetrix™EQ effectively identifies which talents and behaviors are required to excel in the selected position. The TriMetrix™EQ report is a central part of our benchmarking process. In the benchmarking process we first benchmark the needs of the position, using one of three different processes (the process we use depends on your organization’s needs), and then match the information included in the TriMetrix report on the job candidate with the benchmarks for that position. The statistical analysis in the TriMetrix is used to identify and predict who will be your best performers based on the job requirements and the qualities and characteristics of candidates for the job. The TriMetrix report includes information on the DISC, the Workplace Motivators and the PTSI reports, but includes only the essentials of each of those reports. See the subsections of the TriMetrix report below. For a complete copy of the DISC, Workplace Motivators and PTSI reports you also need to request a different assessment, our TriMetrix Coaching Report.
Use this report to assist in 1) interviewing, 2) selection, 3) matching with job and/or supervisor, 4) coaching/mentoring, 5) personal development, and 6) job reassignment.
Each report is divided into these subsections or mini-reports:
  • Introduction
  • Personal Skills Hierarchy
  • Personal Interests, Attitudes, and Values Hierarchy
  • Behavioral Hierarchy
  • Feedback
  • Personal Skills Feedback
  • Personal Interests, Attitudes, and Values Feedback
  • Behavioral Feedback
  • Dimension Balance
  • Category Breakdown
  • Core Skills List - In Order of Absolute Score
  • Core Skills List - in Alphabetical Order