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We are proud and fortunate to have so many people excited about our products and services. Some of the many positive testimonials about us appear below. If you would like to give us feedback or your perception of any of the products and/or services we offer you PLEASE share your thoughts with us.

The below testimonials are organized by product and service areas. Scroll down and read what others have to say about us.

Testimonials: Assessments

“We now use the Abelson DISC tests with every new potential employee or salesperson before we actually hire them. We have discovered through trial and error (the hard way) that not testing them first is never a good thing. Having the test results emailed to us just a few minutes after the test is taken is really nice. I believe anyone who needs to hire and later train employees would greatly benefit from using Dr. Abelson’s services.”  -Russel Shaw, Associate Broker, John Hall & Associates

“Dr. Abelson’s profiles are incredible! His understanding and skill in showing me how to use them make them an even more indispensable tool. It analogues to the strength gained when both the right hand and left hand work well together.” -Troy Gray, President, T. Gray Electric

“Thank you so much for your help with the DISC and Workplace Motivators™ assessments for my team. It was amazing how “on target” the test results were to profiling each team member. I had my entire team share their results with one another and it was incredible to see how enlightened they were. I could see an immediate understanding and appreciation for each other’s differences. I can’t begin to tell you the importance of this valuable service. I know that through your help and the DISC and Workplace Motivator tests, I will be able to build a strong, successful team that values and respects one another” -Cynthia Haskins, Realtor, Keller Williams Realty


“Based on my personal research, I believe that the DISC offered to Keller Williams by Dr. Michael Abelson is unquestionably the very best DISC assessment on the market. That is one of the reasons we originally selected his services and why The Abelson Group™ is Keller Williams’ only DISC approved vendor” -Dave Jenks, VP of Research & Development, Keller Williams Realty

“What an enormous difference it made for me to get Michael’s detailed reports full of information and suggestions. The report helped me to better place employees, better understand my people, and to better communicate with them. I can use this complete analysis to understand how to better work with my staff, how we can better work as a team, how I can better use their strengths to grow my business, and how to keep them happier all at the same time.” -Rimma Ludovico, Realtor, Keller Williams

Testimonials: Benchmarking

"I would never recruit executives again without the support of the Benchmark and Assessment reports developed by The Abelson Group™. They help me focus on the key capabilities and behaviors I want to understand from the candidates during the interview process. These reports give me invaluable information difficult to discover without them". - Enrique Escalante, GCC of America, President & CEO

“The DISC enables you to know more about the person you are hiring and through validating the DISC you bond to the potential new hire in a way they like you, even if they are not hired.” - Dianna Kokoszka, VP MAPS Coaching & Masterminds, Keller Williams

"Your concise, clear explanation of how I am able to utilize the information from my Benchmark for Admin. Asst. has been extremely helpful. I have used the DISC for several years, but the missing key was really how to mesh the "perfect" Admin. with my personality style. The specific process applications that you shared with me are a veritable gold mine of information. This will be an invaluable tool for my business growth." - Lisa Herald, ABR, CLHMS, Keller Williams

Testimonials: General

“Dr. Abelson’s research and message is right on target. Avoiding industry politics…he went straight to the most productive companies and documented the processes and the systems that work. Firms who understand the urgency of implementing Michael’s well researched concepts will flourish…the rest aren’t going to know what hit them.” -Carol Johnson, Founder, The Recruiting Network

“Business doesn’t have to be done the way it’s been done in the past. It can be done scientifically and accurately. Michael’s systems do what they say they do to help recruit, affiliate, and lead agents with the greatest probability of making you money. The system gives you the opportunity to use your resources of time and energy to its greatest advantage.” -David Cocks, Co-Founder, CompensationMaster

“Dr. Michael Abelson is one of the premier DISC experts in the world. And, he is a highly respected expert in the real estate industry. The systems, training, and assessment tools offered by The Abelson Group™ are the best available, and his support makes them the most useful for us.”

“Having visited American shores on many occasions for conferences and seminars I come away inspired however on most occasions thinking to myself ‘They all say the same thing’… Than along came Dr. Michael Abelson to a Raine & Horne Superstars Day in Sydney and wow this guy really did have a point of difference." -Dave Jenks, VP of Research & Development, Keller Williams

"Michael is unique in style, knowledge and presentation. He possesses an ability to deliver well researched information by being interactive. This skill is high on a list of must haves in a very demanding and competitive world of training.

Michael not only delivers well researched information, he actually builds a personal rapport with delegates and offers a value added service and extends himself to build long term professional relationships. This is evident that two weeks post his Australian presentation I find myself on the phone asking Michael for more of that research to share with our network." -Mark Humphries, Head of Auctions & Training, Sydney, Australia

Testimonials: Programs
"When you were announced as the final speaker at our recent ERA President's Circle Meeting, I expected to be informed and educated - and I was. What I did not expect was to laugh a lot and really enjoy every moment of your presentation. It was lively, stimulating, and thought provoking. In short, I loved it. Thanks so much!"  -Jean Burgdorff, Co-Founder, Burgdorff Realty
"Thank you so much for taking time to participate in our Leadership Team/Strategic Thinkers Group meeting last week. It really brought a helpful and thought-provoking dimension to the meeting." -Richard Mendenhall, President, National Association of Realtors

"The session with just
over 100 of my top producers was excellent. The agents truly enjoyed themselves. The managers and I have received tremendous feedback since the meeting. Everyone was laughing, having fun, AND learning about themselves. The information will be extremely useful to help my agents better work within their teams as well as to better communicate with their clients and customers. I know your session will have a strong impact on them and their business." -Mark Wolfe, President, Re/Max DFW Associates
“It was a comprehensive study of the DISC as well as the Workplace Motivators. I came away with a very thorough understanding of both. It was as though light bulbs kept going off in my head with everything new Dr. A said. I felt I knew the DISC pretty well before I took this, but found out I had a lot to learn!” -Penny Alper, Realtor, Keller Williams 

"Many business management presenters (particularly if they have an academic background) have a tendency to complicate relatively simple concepts. Dr. Michael Abelson however is a master of taking complicated concepts and presenting them in a simple, logical manner." -Robert Bevan, Managing Director, Best Practice
"Success in real estate demands constant energizing of management and associates with stimulating ideas and new concepts of professional practices. Dr. Michael Abelson is a potent shot in the arm for our company."  -Virginia Cook, President, Henry S. Millter Realtors
"I consider Michael Abelson to be a valuable real estate resource. His research and personal experience will continue to have a dramatic impact on the real estate industry."
-Laurie Moore, Co-Founder, RealTrends
"Thank you so much. I wanted to tell you how much I have used the information from the webinar in my coaching calls this week. It really amazed me! I had 5 occasions in 28 calls to pull out my training materials from webinar discussing 3 high D's and used it to help my clients. It was a fantastic tool. I can't wait to take the other webinars."
-PJ Stratford, Agent Coach, MAPS Management
"Michael was able to not only help us understand each other better but to incorporate that into a strategic plan that was practical and doable. He corralled our thinking in such a way that a strong consensus for the future was developed. The process was so effective that we are asking him to help with the planning for one of our national organizations."
- Charles Verheyden, M.D., Ph.D. Director, Division of Plastic Surgery, Scott & White Clinic
Testimonials: Services

“Dr. Michael Abelson and The Abelson Group are the premier DISC assessment company for the real estate industry. They provide Keller Williams the unmatched quality that best meets our needs. And, their integrity and commitment to service is proven and trusted.”
-Dave Jenks, VP of Resources & Development, Keller Williams

 "Michael, thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me to discuss how to resolve the issue with my teammate.  She and I had some phenomenal breakthroughs this weekend in our ways of communicating with each other.  From my conversation with you, I explained to her that I would work on speaking to her in terms that would be understandable from her perspective.  The results were JAW DROPPING.  I can't thank you enough for your insight.  It was priceless and meant so much to me!  Thank you again and again and again!"
- Jennifer Morgan, The Blue Moon Group, Keller Williams Realty

The pleasure of meeting you yesterday was mine!!! You said some things to me that has and will make a big impact on my career…THANK YOU!!! I came in today with a different attitude and a bigger “I.”
-Robert Moss, Team Leader, Keller Williams

Testimonials: Teambuilding

“You have a unique capability to combine business and psychology. You understand and know how to deal with difficult business issues. At the same time you have insight into the individual and group psychological issues that get in the way of success and the skill to help us work through these so we do succeed.”
-Troy Gray, President, T. Gray Electric

“Dr. Abelson, your session was excellent! You gave our staff valuable skills on how to work with top producing agents in a non-threatening, almost matter of fact way, you accomplished a great deal directly and subliminally. It was incredible. You were even able to get the message across to our manager’s issues we have discussed many times, but for which they never seemed to grasp. With you, they finally GOT IT!”
-Mark Wolfe, President, RE/MAX

“The Abelson DISC was very informative. It let our team have better insight into how each team member thinks and what ways we should communicate to them. I think we learned much more about each other in the 3 hours we spent going over the reports than you usually learn in working with someone for a couple of years. I would recommend it to any team that wants to communicate better with each other.”
-Laura Swearingen, Keller Williams Realty

"Michael, I am very grateful and appreciative that you patiently waited to present the results of my students' tests.  As a teacher, it is my interest to understand how I can reach a student and appeal to that student's motivators and emotional disposition.  We were all amazed that so few questions could capture behaviors, learning preferences, interaction tendencies and thinking processes so accurately.  The least among us said the tests were 95% accurate and most said it was 99 to 100% accurate!  Further, the students seemed to appreciate the fact that the tests could assist them in forming groups and teams for study and work, and I couldn't agree more.  Your presentation was valuable to all of us!"
- David Romei, Health Science Center, Texas A&M University