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Client Assessment Accounts  


The easiest and most effective way to use our assessments is to open an account with us.  You have control over which of our many assessments are in the account, who takes the assessments, and who receives the assessment reports immediately after the questions related to that assessment are answered.  Since receiving your assessments through an account is more efficient and requires less processing time from us, account holders receive a slightly lower price for each assessment taken.

If you wish to open an account click here or read below about account benefits, features, complimentary services, and fees.

Account Setup Fee

  • A small one-time fee to set up your account is only $50.00. Account holders receive over a dozen complimentary services as noted below.
  • Each additional account, for the same organization when ordered together, is $19.99 
If you already have an account and need to make changes or updates, click here.
Account Benefits
  • Receive assessment reports immediately after the person taking the assessment has completed the assessment!
  • Accounts are password protected giving you total control of the account.
  • You receive a list of single use passwords (they can take any or all assessment types in your account, but can only take a particular assessment once.
  • You NEVER pay in advance for an online assessment.
  • You pay only AFTER an assessment you have authorized has been taken.
  • We charge your credit card on record the first week of the month AFTER the assessment has been taken.
  • Assessment questions and reports are in over 20 different languages
  • Receive over 15 FREE COMPLIMENTARY services as an account holder.    

Account Features

  • Specify which report(s) you want in your account. 
  • Control who takes all the assessments in your account.
  • Specify up to four (4) people who receive immediate emails of assessment reports as soon as they are completed.
  • Have as many accounts as you like.  Opening an account for each assessment you use protects you from people taking assessments you do not want them to take.


  • Have an account with any combination of our numerous assessments.
  • For each account, you receive a unique account number and a list of passwords to distribute to people you want to take one or more assessments.
  • We give you an instructions page you can hand to, fax to, or email to everyone you want to take an assessment.

Complimentary Account Services

  • Talk to a real person, we answer any questions about your account
  • Answer questions about any of the assessments or assessment reports
  • Assessment taker questions about taking assessments; we supply you a toll free  number on the instructions sheet we give you for assessment takers.
  • Modify names on the account; add or subtract an account contact, add or subtract who is to receive emailed assessment reports from the account
  • Add passwords at any time; either call or request by email
  • The Abelson Group e-Letter about assessments and services specials
  • Resend lost passwords
  • Resend lost instruction sheets
  • Change credit card information
  • Email duplicate reports if you lose them or they are not saved
  • Manually email a report not received or you deleted
  • Bill an account at the beginning of the next month, receive an accounting of reports taken by who and amount charged to your account
  • Close an account because of lost passwords
Account Services Offered For A Fee
  • Charge for emergency account set-up; within two hours of end of call = $10
  • Lost reports for up to 18 months after completion of assessment = $ 5 per report
  • Faxing or mailing reports = $10 per report
  • Interpretation of report by Dr. Abelson = $250 an hour, minimum charge of $100\ Other services may be offered on request

Click here to learn more about our reports and to see a sample of each type of report 

Open an Account

Individual Assessments
Our online reports can be purchased individually instead of setting up an account. If your needs are to purchase just one or two reports, this is your best alternative. All reports offered through accounts are also available by individual purchase. 
or just continue to read more about individual report purchases. 

If you wish to purchase an individual report click here

Benefits of Purchasing Individual Reports

  • Most cost effective when purchasing only one or two reports
  • Easiest way to get an individual report for yourself
  • If coaching someone else and requiring them to pay for the report, they pay us directly
  • You work directly with and receive your instructions from The Abelson Group staff each time you order a report
  • You pay when ordering the assessment and know what your charges for assessments will be immediately
  • Assessment questions and reports are in over 20 different languages 
Features and Process of Receiving Individual Reports
  • Contact The Abelson Group, Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM Central Time to order your report(s). Or request your report over the Internet (click here to request)
  • Pay for report(s) when ordering using credit card
  • Receive instructions on how to take your assessment(s) no later than the end of the next business day
  • Receive your assessment report via email no later than the end of the next business day of answering the assessment questions
  • Contact The Abelson Group with questions or issues at 979-696-2222 or via email at succeed@abelson.net
 Prices of Individual Reports
  • Contact the office for specific pricing of individual reports
  • Speak with a customer service representative and receive an interpretation of your report. 
  • Notify us when ordering the report or contact us after you receive your report to arrange for an “Interpretive Session.” Fee is $250 per hour, with a $100 minimum

Click here to learn more about our reports and to see a sample of each type of report 

Open an Account