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Abelson Motives Certification 1.0

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Ever wonder why two people with very similar DISC behaviors are VERY different?

Learn WHY! Better yet, learn how to use it in real life, real time!

The Missing Link Between DISC Behaviors and ACTUAL Behaviors = MOTIVES!

New for 2017 – Attend our In-Person Motives Certification


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Benefits of The Abelson Motives Certification

  • Identify and ignite the passion that drives behaviors
  • Learn how to inspire, engage and involve others
  • Learn to motivate staff, friends, children, even your spouse/significant other
  • Learn how to deal with conflicting motives and attitudes between staff / between family
  • Find and use the #1 “magic” pill that motivates another to behave in certain ways AND identify the things that also turns them off
  • PLUS dozens of other things related to people’s passions, motives, and attitudes...

The Abelson Motives Certification Includes:

  • Workbook - colorful, 50+ page easy to use guide of what the motives are and how to use them
  • Assessment - 3-science assessment of your behaviors, motives & EQ
  • Experiential Exercises - over a dozen exercises to help you understand and use the motives
  • Articles - numerous articles by Dr. A on the motives and their use
  • Videos - over a dozen videos that help you understand and use the motives in day-to-day life
  • Expertise of Dr. A - Dr. Michael Abelson facilitates your experience and shares his decades of experience using assessments and understanding people’s motives
  • Final Examination - demonstrate your knowledge of the motives & complete your certification

In the Abelson MOTIVES Certification You Will Also...

... better understand the WHY PEOPLE BEHAVE as they do

... feel less frustrated with others important in your life because you finally GET IT. GET THEM!

... INSPIRE OTHERS to perform and ENJOY what they do

... know where YOU SHOULD PUT YOUR ENERGIES because that is WHAT YOU LOVE TO DO

Enroll in two of our certification programs offered together!

Abelson DISC Certification 5.0 & Abelson Motives Certification 1.0

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Dr. Michael Abelson; Educator, Speaker, Consultant, Trusted Advisor

Formal Education

  • B.A. (psychology), M.A. (clinical psychology), M.B.A., Ph.D. (business)
  • Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst (CPBA)
  • Certified Master Behavioral Analyst (CMBA)
  • Certified Attribute Index Analyst (CAIA)
  • Certified Professional TTI DNA Analyst
  • Certified Professional TriMetrix HD Analyst
  • Certified Professional EQ Analyst
  • Certified Odyssey Consultant
  • Certified Growth Curve Strategist


  • Founder/CEO of The Abelson Group from 1986 to present
  • Texas A&M University Faculty (1980 to 2011, Emeritus, retired) teaching over 50,000 undergraduate, M.B.A., Ph.D. and executives
  • Over 900 seminars, speeches & keynotes
  • Over 100 consulting and strategic planning projects
  • International experience and seminars given on four continents

Awards and Other (brief overview)

  • Emeritus, Texas A&M University
  • Recipient of 9 University and national educational awards
  • 40 half-hour television shows shown across USA & Canada
  • Quoted in over 100 newspapers, magazines and newsletters nationally such as Fortune, Washington Post, USA Today, Chicago Tribune, Miami Herald, Dallas Morning News, Houston Chronicle, and Philadelphia Inquirer
  • Over 60 articles and two books published
  • Listen to Dr. A on over 100 radio programs
  • Delivered over 250,000 psychological assessments