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Mastering DISC

Learn how to use the DISC behavioral approach from one of the masters in the business. The concepts learned in this session benefit everyone. Individuals will gain through personal awareness, personal growth and self-discipline techniques.   Company recruiters and interviewers will better understand potential job candidates and make better hiring decisions. Managers and leaders will gain a system to better communicate, motivate, manage, relieve stress and conflict and foster success. Significant other relationships (spouses, friends, parents/children) will thrive through better understanding of each other’s needs in the relationship and how to more easily meet those needs. 

Understand and use the Abelson Behaviors Wheel to fully understand any relationship and how and why teams function or do not function effectively. 

Who should attend this session? 

Anyone who wants to have an easy to understand and use model that effectively helps better understanding, working with, and managing themselves and others.

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Maximizing Your Team for Fun and ProFIT™

Build incredibly effective, fun, efficient, and productive teams. Understand each team member’s behaviors, motives and values. Discover how to tap into their work passions and keep them motivated. Manage your team and relationships among team members from anywhere in the world. 

Create an effortlessly led team that is focused on what needs to be done and does it. 


What type of teams should take advantage of this experience? 


 Office / Company Teams

  • Administrative staff
  • Sales teams
  • Advisory councils

 Project Teams

  • Before they begin to set agenda, roles, direction
  • During project to redirect, make more effective / focused …
  • Gaining closure to celebrate, document lessons learned …


 Leadership Teams

  • Multi-office management groups
  • Top leadership teams
  • Teams creating and implementing strategic direction
  • Boards of Directors / advisory councils

           Other Teams? - any type of team will benefit

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Leading Charismatically

How did Martin Luther King DO IT?

How did Lady Diana DO IT?

How did Jack Kennedy DO IT?

How did Barack Obama DO IT?

How did Jack Welch DO IT?

How did Steve Jobs DO IT?

WE KNOW and so Can YOU!!! This seminar tells it all!

 Leaders can be born but they can also be built, and we prove it. This session will make everyone a believer that leaders can be built. Gain specific insights and techniques to be a better leader. No matter how skilled as a leader you are, there will be something in this session for everyone

 WE cover how to be more:

  • Charismatic - learn over 20 characteristics of charismatic leaders and how everyone can be more charismatic.
  • Charisma can be a positive force, but it can also be a negative force.
  • In longer sessions we demonstrate how different leader styles use different behavioral styles and different values/motives to get things done.
  • Understand the positives and negatives so you can better manage your charisma. 

 Who should attend this session?
Anyone who wants to better understand leadership and/or be a better leader themselves. Since we spend time on better self-leadership, everyone will benefit from attending this session.

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